Electronic Check Conversion
Convert a paper check to an electronic item at the point-of-sale. Save time and money while reducing the risk of NSF checks.

Online Electronic Checks
Take checks over the Internet with exclusive CHEXpedite™ Online Electronic Check service, including automated electronic recovery (ECR).

Electronic Phone Checks
Take any payment over the phone or Internet and draft your customer's checking account quickly and efficiently. Convenience for your customers; reliable, fast payment for you.

Electronic Check Recovery
Collect bounced checks electronically at NO COST to you. Saves time and money, while increasing collection percentage and cash flow. Collecting out-of-town checks is no longer a hassle.

ACH Payments With proper authorization, you can collect money from your customers in two banking days, no matter where they bank in the United States (given funds availability).

Paper Drafts Instead of wondering when, or if, you are going to receive payment, you get a pre-authorized check on time each month for every customer on the program. You simply take the pre-authorized checks to your bank and deposit them like normal checks.

CHEXsite Services
Our web design and hosting service can provide you with an attractive, professional web site at a price you can afford. We also offer a powerful, user-friendly e-commerce shopping cart with integrated CHEXpedite payment options.

Merchant Cards
We offer some of the best rates available. Many programs for: Retail Merchants, Mail/Phone order merchants, Internet-based merchants, small and home-based business. Increase SALES!

Check Guarantee
Now you can accept checks without the worry and hassle of bounced payments. CHEXpedite™ Check Guarantee ensures that you are paid on all your checks - even the returned ones.


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