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Making The Future Available Today.

As online retailing continues its meteoric rise, merchants are searching for more and better ways to handle their customers' online transactions. Many online businesses already offer credit card payment options, but are finding that their inability to accept checks prevents them from maximizing sales.

CHEXpedite™ Online Electronic Checks... The Fast, Secure and User-Friendly Payment Option.

Millions of Americans prefer to write checks rather than use a credit card. The CHEXpedite™ Online Electronic Check allows online merchants to easily accept and process electronic check payments directly from their website. Customers who wish to pay by check simply select the online electronic check option and enter the requested bank account information. The interface is designed to look like a regular check, so customers will like the easy-to-understand familiarity of this payment option.

Once the information has been input by the customer, the data is encrypted and transmitted to CHEXpedite™ Online Electronic Checks' secure server for posting.

The system then debits the customer's account electronically and transfers the funds into the merchant's account. Bank RTN numbers are verified immediately to insure the financial institution exists. A receipt is generated and a copy is e-mailed to the check writer. Transactions are automatically settled, generally two banking days.

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If the account number is incorrect or the account has insufficient funds, the online reporting reflects this, and the system attempts to collect any NSF items... without any fees!

The majority of Internet check options merely provide a paper check for your deposit. This type of system is slow, costly and difficult to manage when compared to a purely electronic solution.

Expand Your Online Payment Options Today.

The benefits to the online merchant are enormous. In addition to expanding your market by having another payment option, your company can benefit in the following ways:

Save up to 50% in processing fees compared to credit cards.

Merchants pay a premium for real-time online credit card processing. By promoting electronic online checks as the first payment option, merchants will experience reductions in processing fees, which will significantly improve their bottom line.

Eliminate fees for returned Internet checks.

The CHEXpedite™ Online Electronic Check is a cost-effective, fully automated payment solution that eliminates traditional returned item fees for the merchant. Using a traditional paper check system, the merchant deposits the paper item into their bank account. Any returned item is sent back to the merchant's bank, and fees are assessed. With an electronic system, the merchant's bank is bypassed as the original point of deposit; therefore CHEXpedite™ handles the returned items on behalf of the merchant, eliminating associated fees.

Access online "real time" reporting on account activity.

Merchants can access reports via the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These reports will facilitate the merchant's bank statement reconciliation.

Improve Cash Flow.

Funds are settled within two banking days, compared to the delays due to mail delivery times and the longer clearing times associated with paper checks.

Eliminates "the check is in the mail" dilemma.

CHEXpedite™ Online Electronic Checks capture "impulse" purchases. Consumers can make a check payment immediately, rather than writing a check and mailing it.


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