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In today's competitive business environment, credit and debit card acceptance is no longer optional - it is an absolute necessity. As we enter the 21st century, more and more businesses are starting to accept credit and debit cards for payment... even businesses that have traditionally shied away.

CHEXpedite™ Merchant Card Services can make it easy and affordable for your business to accept credit and ebit cards. CHEXpedite™ Merchant Card Services offers you:

Improved customer satisfaction

Larger customer base with more payment options

Increased credibility for your business

If you already accept credit and debit cards, CHEXpedite™ Merchant Card Services can help you, too, with:

Lower transaction fees than many major providers

Debit card processing

Processing at point of sale, over the phone, and via the Internet

CHEXpedite™ offers you several different options for processing your transactions. Your CHEXpedite™ Representative can help you choose the system that is right for you.

Point of Sale Processing: CHEXpedite™ offers the top of the line in point-of-sale credit card processing equipment. Your CHEXpedite™ Representative has details on the options available.

Telephone Processing: Ideal for companies who do a smaller volume of credit card business. There is no need to purchase or lease point-of- sale equipment.

FAX Processing: Similar to telephone processing. You do not need point-of-sale equipment-just a fax machine. And you can receive a printed confirmation in just moments.

Virtual Terminal: Process transactions anywhere you have Internet access. Detailed reports are available online, and the highest security measures are taken for the protection of you and your customers.

Processing From Your Website: CHEXpedite™ allows you to take credit card transactions directly from your website. Transactions are protected by SSL encryption technology for the security of you and your customers.

Processing Software: CHEXpedite™ also has software that allows you to process transactions from your PC. All you need is a modem to process your transactions quickly and efficiently.

Don't ignore the need to accept credit and debit cards any longer. Contact your CHEXpedite™ Representative today for more information on how you can either add credit and debit card acceptance to, or improve credit and debit card processing for, your business.


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