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Even with the best intentions, some of your customers will have difficulty making every monthly payment to your office on time. The reasons for untimely payments go on and on.

The number of customers paying in 30, 60, even 90 days is increasing. And cash flow is cited as the number one reason new businesses fail.

You can continue to spend a small fortune on sophisticated billing and collection systems, or you can switch to one of the fastest-growing methods for recieving payments.

Every day, companies across the country are realizing the benefits of CHEXpedite™ Automated Payments.

Get your Money On Time, Every Time.

Automated Payments ensures that your monthly payments are received on time each month, every month. Instead of wondering when, or if, you are going to receive payment, you receive the payment on time for every customer on the program. Your customer simply completes the release form to sign up. Payments are processed through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system. Our ACH processing center can bring the future of transacting to your business today!

With proper authorization, you can collect money from your customers in two banking days, no matter where they bank in the United States (given funds availability). Most business order-entry software can provide the information needed to "originate" an electronic payment. Your data will be converted into the required format, and our processing center will serve as your gateway to the Federal Reserve Banking System.

CHEXpedite™ Automated Payments Pays Off...

These systems also include the use of our AutoCollect system. If a check or pre-authorized payment is returned for non-sufficient funds, AutoCollect will automatically re-submit your checks electronically. Not only does this service save you time and money, it saves you and your customers the embarrassment of collecting the NSF items.

Meeting the Needs of Your Business.

Our payment systems are designed to meet your individual business requirements for speed, ease of use, customer service and administrative efficiency.

Let us show you how you can benefit from electronic payment technology.

What are the Advantages of CHEXpedite™ Automated Payments?

Timely funds settlement
Less expensive than mailing invoices
Streamlines the billing process
Recovery of NSF items
Reliable cash flow
Custom payment solutions tailored to your business
No special equipment needed
No long-term contract needed
No customer is too small
Online real-time reporting via the Internet


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AllAll Electronic Check RecoveryElectronic Check Recovery Paper DraftsPaper Drafts